Group Balance Sheet

as at 26 December 2015

Notes€ ‘000€ ‘000
Fixed assets
Intangible assets862,86571,595
Tangible assets9156,095145,536
Loans to associates1210,837-
Other investments1248147
Current assets
Restricted cash247,3167,833
Cash and bank balances23165,95745,266
Creditors: amounts falling due within one year15(473,291)(507,231)
Net current assets 525,843427,545
Total assets less current liabilities756,893644,823
Creditors: amounts falling due after one year18(187,314)(145,370)
Post employment benefits26(34,018)(50,835)
Provision for liabilities20(9,163)(13,958)
Net assets 526,398434,660
Capital and reserves
Called up share capital2119,56919,524
Revenue reserves21482,235392,697
Cash flow hedging reserve21713(4,238)
Share premium213232
Capital levy account21256256
Members’ equity interest (before annual bonus fund and redeemable loan stock)502,805408,271
Annual bonus fund74,0004,500
Redeemable loan stock719,01620,501
Members’ funds525,821433,272
Non-controlling interest5771,388

The notes on pages 45 to 72 form part of these financial statements.