Notes 11-20

14. Debtors

Due within one year:
Trade debtors (i) (iii)243,604305,107
Derivative financial instruments699472
Corporation tax debtors1,9561,111
Other debtors14,37212,722
Due after one year:
Deferred taxation (ii)5,93714,106
Deferred taxation arising from:
Accelerated capital allowances621(4,708)
Derivative financial instruments221,060
Post employment benefits5,1847,456
Tax losses carried forward-869
Other timing differences1109,429

(i) Trade debtors are stated net of a provision for impairment of €3.4m (2014: €7.7m).

(ii) The Group has not recognised deferred tax assets of €2.0m (2014: €1.5m) on the basis that there is insufficient evidence that these assets will be recoverable. Deferred tax assets are expected to reverse in greater than one year.

(iii) The Group also manages credit risk of trade debtors through the use of a number of sales or debtor arrangements. Under the terms of these agreements the Group has transferred substantially all of the credit risk which are subject to these agreements. Accordingly €41.4m (2014: €nil) of trade debtors have been derecognised at year-end.