Notes 11-20

20. Provision for liabilities

Onerous Sales Contracts (i)Disposal Related Provisions (ii)Other Provisions (iii)Total Provisions
€ ‘000€ ‘000€ ‘000€ ‘000
At beginning of period10,082-3,87613,958
Provided during the period2,6273,80486,439
Utilised during the period(10,082)-(1,179)(11,261)
Translation adjustment-27-27
At end of period2,6273,8312,7059,163

(i) The onerous sales contracts provision relates to contracted sales whose revenues do not cover the cost of completing the contract.

(ii) Following disposal of the DPI business the Group has made provision (€3.8m) for certain costs that will be incurred by the Group subsequent to the disposal.

(iii) Other provisions includes the Group’s insurance provision and the Group’s Long Term Incentive Plan provision.