Notes 21-32

22. Net cash outflow from operations

Operating profit before exceptional items34,10428,067
Increase in inventories(88,518)(69,372)
Decrease/(increase) in debtors2,587(47,120)
Increase/(decrease) in creditors13,668(9,016)
Post retirement liabilities(2,784)(748)
Exchange movements1,361(1,806)
Cash used in operations (before cash exceptional items)(14,872)(78,374)
Exceptional expenditure(3,680)(1,429)
Cash used in operations (after cash exceptional items)(18,552)(79,803)

Non-cash transactions

During the period the Group received common and preferred shares in Nextwave Distribution Holdings Inc. to the value of €12.0m as part of the consideration for the sale of DPI Specialty Foods, Inc (see note 11).