Notes 1-10

9. Tangible assets

Land and BuildingsPlant,
LandBuildingsBuildingsand VehiclesTotal
At beginning of period*12,674137,1009,419153,112312,305
Additions in the period-7,44023536,72344,398
Arising on business combinations (note 10)---230230
Disposals in the period(1,213)(3,777)(95)(3,889)(8,974)
Disposal of business (note 11)(5,679)(43,006)(10,703)(51,328)(110,716)
Translation adjustment8258,6071,30210,62321,357
At beginning of period*-48,9036,354111,512166,769
Charge for the period-3,3149069,38013,600
Disposals in the period-(1,209)(95)(3,439)(4,743)
Disposal of business (note 11)-(30,143)(7,710)(47,342)(85,195)
Translation adjustment-3,6356827,75712,074
Net book amount
At end of period6,60781,8642167,603156,095
At beginning of period12,67488,1973,06541,600145,536

* Includes reclassifications.

The buildings, plant, equipment and vehicles are insured at a value of €217.2m (2014 : €303.7m). €10m (2014 : €nil) of property, plant and equipment has been pledged as security.